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22 Apr 16
Digital design and construction must become standard for construction projects in Germany, said Alexander Dobrindt, the country's federal minister of transport and digital infrastructure. He was speaking during a panel discussion on building information modelling (BIM) and the construction site at bauma 2016. See more
03 Mar 16
Japan’s largest engineering consultancy Nippon Koei has surprised the industry by buying architect and multi-disciplinary design consultant BDP for £102m – a deal the Japanese firm says was motivated by the desire to acquire BIM expertise ahead of a Japanese government BIM mandate. See more
29 Sep 15
CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY REPORT –MAY 2015 We found an very informative and useful report for construction industry either foreign market or domestic market (Vietnam), particularly in an overall about global and APAC construction’s prospect and trends as well as an overview and value chains of Vietnam’s construction including input elements; construction process; SWOT, law and regulations and prospects of Vietnam construction market. Additionally, there are some operational analyses in term of size, operation, financial status and profitability of Vietnam’s prominent companies in construction sectors including residential, industrial and infrastructure.... See more
20 May 15
For first time in-house BIM adoption, companies must consider training time & costs, hardware upgrade costs, software costs. Companies can phase out BIM adoption plan by considering outsourcing certain aspect of technology to a third party consultant and maintaining certain part in-house. Companies are in better position to maintain high-level technical management and have outsourcing companies assist in producing high volume deliverable requirements. See more
31 Dec 20
Ha Long International Cruise Port - New gateway to Ha Long Bay See more
28 Dec 20
Synectics team have finished Japanese Bridge (Koi Bridge) in Quang Ninh. Located in the amusement park and at the top of the three passes of Sun World Ha Long complex, there is a red bridge that bends on the green background of Japanese garden. This 2-story bridge is called the Koi Bridge because of the shape of the Koi fish or also known as the bridge of yin and yang, the upper bridge is positive, the lower bridge is the negative symbol for the connection of yin and yang harmony in Japanese culture. See more
28 Dec 20
This project is optimized to use the structure of the truss - arch combine with external post-tensioning cable to reduce Sefl-weight, creating an architectural highlight for the Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort. See more
31 Mar 16
In the infrastructure sector, BIM is changing the way that clients, designers and contractors approach projects. However BIM Level 2 is a major challenge for 2016, with many uncertainties still apparent as to how it will be successfully and consistently implemented, so that it delivers the excellence in project delivery that we all aspire to. See more
25 Feb 16
What happens when you have a huge highway project to get done on a tight timeline and budget? See more
18 Feb 16
An industry expert has warned against the perils of misinformation resulted by construction schedules progressing without the use of building information modelling (BIM) systems. See more
28 Jan 16
Upon release of the RICS UK 1st edition “BIM for cost managers: requirements from the BIM model” guidance note in August last year, Australian-based quantity surveyors continue to rely on international and peer network knowledge rather than any Australian guide for our profession. See more
21 Jan 16
As spending on road and rail infrastructure continues to rise, there is a growing realisation that owners and operators can gain significant value from taking advantage of the data available from project delivery teams. See more
20 Jan 16
Enterprise Ireland‘s Senior Strategic Advisor for the Built Environment has discussed what type of Building Information Modelling mandate he would like to see implemented in the Republic of Ireland. See more
06 Jan 16
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has cited BIM as a potential tool to increase productivity in Chile, noting that the country needs to be “intelligent, equitable and sustainable.” See more
04 Dec 15
While BIM is offering the construction industry a better way of working, as with all new technology, there’s a bit of a way to go in educating users and getting the right people on board. See more
12 Nov 15
The Russian government will use lessons learned from 25 pilot BIM projects, currently underway, to overhaul construction legislation to support the technology’s widespread use. See more
29 Oct 15
There are many misconceptions that BIM is just some type of fancy 3D modelling software, however it is not. BIM is a process. A process that can bring efficiencies to businesses in order to deliver projects quickly, competently and reliably for clients. See more
22 Oct 15
UK: Despite being just months away from UK government deadlines, fewer than 1 in 6 building services firms are ready to use BIM on projects. See more
15 Oct 15
Bondor, Australia’s leader in thermal and architectural building solutions, has launched its Building Information Modelling (BIM) product library package, helping architects, engineers and builders to conceptualise designs using the company’s insulated panel systems. See more
08 Oct 15
We know that BIM and the technologies supporting it allow all of the supply chain to benefit from the information and provide known quantities and costs at all stages from developed design to tender. See more
24 Sep 15
A new online report from the Sichuan News Network, China has taken a closer look at the utilisation of Building Information Modelling for a housing development in Sichuan’s capital of Chengdu. See more
15 Sep 15
Answered from either a personal or industry-viewpoint perspective, Best BIM Bad BIM sees a member of the #GlobalBIMCrew divulge their best and worst BIM experiences and what they have learned from both. See more
08 Sep 15
Malaysia are considering following in Singapore and the United Kingdom‘s footsteps by issuing a Building Information Modelling mandate, that’s according to a Malaysian publication. See more
26 Aug 15
How to realize the benefits of building information modeling during a facility's four stages. See more
16 Aug 15
The rapid development of Information Technologies in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry (AEC), as well as in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner/Operator (AECO), are consistently changing the definition of Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM technology takes new meanings, highlighting the generic concepts of this universal determination for product deliverables build on usage of building intellectual 3D virtual model associated with this processes like project inception, design, evaluation, construction, operation and demolition. See more
19 Jun 15
The Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry has made significant strides in improving productivity through the use of new IT applications. See more
20 Apr 15
The first quarter of 2015 is already underway, and that means it is time for a bit of reflection on the past year. Like so many years before, 2014 brought some great advances in technology for the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. From new survey methodologies to building techniques, 2014 has shown many noteworthy milestones. Here are some of the best trends and new technology in the construction industry that have made news in 2014. See more
14 Apr 15
BIM promises and it is mostly accepted that it delivers significant costs savings even though it’s not understood how these savings will eventuate, who owns these cost savings today and who will benefit in the future. In order to create certainty and generate cost savings through collaboration we need to understand who has the most to gain and involve them at the right stage of design and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). For different types of projects the people you need to engage, changes. We need to acknowledge that the savings arising out of a building project differs significantly to those of a civil or resource project. See more
06 Apr 15
Why should architects be interested in BIM? See more
10 Mar 15
Technological developments open up new avenuesfor design, and BIM is no exception. See more